Jeans n tee

(jeans; topshop, t-shirt; vintage, hat; long story….

So much love for this t-shirt, its like my crap-what-shall-I-wear-I’ll-just-throw-this-on item, which you know, is always great.

22 thoughts on “Jeans n tee

  1. effortless style = I like 🙂 and as for the hat being a long story, all the most interesting bits of clothes are :)


  2. I love tops like that,yours is really cool.and your hat ,I have a thing for bobble hats at the moment.your blog is awesome,wanna follow each other? xx


  3. I'm intrigued by the 'long story' regarding the hat. It goes ever so well with your hair, though! I have a fringe which basically means any hat presses it flat over my eyes, and I end up looking like a slightly unkempt puppy. Sad.Emily Wears Thingsxxx


  4. I feel you with the crap-what-shall-i-wear situaton! I've been going through it loads recently but you can ner go wrong with a tee or jumper and a pair of jeans!


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