Julie Lansom film pictures

‘I take photos because I have a shitty memory’

All photos by Julie Lansom

Want to go out with my canon a-1, now. Apart from photos on this blog, I’ve never been fully in love with digital, its too cold-hearted.. you know? Theres something so much more personal when you choose to go old-skool. I find people become so much more relaxed to have a picture taken of themselves when its film, perhaps they think It’ll never end up somewhere. Even though its pretty much the same process, knowing the light will be captured and reflected onto a little strip then processed weeks, months, years later or whatever seems much more special.

10 thoughts on “Julie Lansom film pictures

  1. Such beautiful photographs, i have a love/hate relationship with digital photos. They're just so easy to use but film always looks so much nicer! X


  2. My walls are covered with developed films and I always take advantage of the developing dark room at school! I love the vintagey feel and it's more about capturing a moment or emotion rather than a posed face~ ox


  3. These pictures are gorgeous. I'm always so much more careful with film cos it costs more and I totally get what you mean about being more relaxed. I always anticipate the results and the whole process is so much more personal and engaging than viewing the photo on a screen 1 second later x


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