Outfit, flowers and leather

Thinking ahead for the weekend.. can I please just have that Acne denim shirt? Oh, and an apartment which I can fill with flowers as my room has the crappiest source of light ever.

Got this second hand leather jacket and also a blouse from Zara. Both of which I’m still deliberating whether to keep, so they’re both just chilling on a hanger where they look all pretty. The jacket isnt a perfect fit and the blouse was kind of expensive. And thats one of my all-time favourite nail varnishs (OPI’s passion, perfect nude)

When I’m walking to school and I’m half dead and half running because I’m always late (the two hour detention for that was so great) but I can always smell the blossom! Does it even have a smell? I don’t know but when I’m running past it I’m just overwhelmed by how much I love spring. So beautiful (by the way, I’m aware this picture isn’t blossom.. but still.. pretty right?)

15 thoughts on “Outfit, flowers and leather

  1. I'm loving the zara blouse! I really like blossom, where I live it isn't really growing yet. Some trees are covered with it but I guess I just have to wait a little longer to see the streets covered in pink! xogockyemma.blogspot.com


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