Film pictures – Canon A-1

Some pics I took..
Springtime around my neighborhood 🙂 (taken with Canon A-1)

18 thoughts on “Film pictures – Canon A-1

  1. Oh I just love film photos, these are really lovely. My boyfriend and I found a 1970s Russian camera at my mother's house (it weighs a tonne and must be made of steel, I dropped it on the bus and it was perfectly fine!) and couldn't believe it when our roll of film was finally developed and we realised that not only does it still work, but the photos it takes are incredible. I love the anticipation of how they'll turn out. I posted quite a few of them on my blog, if you're interested in taking a peek…Cat xxx


  2. Beautiful photos lovely, the colour effect is so endearing. I'm so glad spring's finally here (even if it's snowing outside right now, good old english weather ay ;)x


  3. Absolutely gorgeous photographs, I really love the tones in them. There's a nostalgic quality to them. Recently found your blog and really looking forward to reading from now on 🙂


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