Bloggers boutique

 Yesterday I spent @ Bloggers Boutique, an event organised by Shore, Shope & Amy. It was so fun, and there was loads of talks & tutorials and general chatting- and the goodie bag was incredible- well done girls!Some girls all looking gorgeous (from left to right)Melissa & Aimee, Emily & CamillaSammi & Shope Hope everyone is enjoying [...]

TURNED OUT film lookbook

So today it was 8pm, 24 degrees outside, and it was one of those moments where you're just like 'LIFE IS GOOD'. I finished my AS exams today. There's also three punnets of strawberries in my fridge right now. I additionally love these photos from my new favorite photography website, TURNED OUT by Maya- I've said it before and [...]

Blue green navy

(blouse; zara, jeans; topshop, belt & cardigan; charity shop)(that's paint on my mirror. and that's also paint on my jeans. A* decorator right here)You can see how light my hair is now! I got asked today whether it was meant to be green or not. Apparently in some lights it has a 'khaki' tinge to it.. which [...]