Bloggers boutique

 Yesterday I spent @ Bloggers Boutique, an event organised by Shore, Shope & Amy. It was so fun, and there was loads of talks & tutorials and general chatting- and the goodie bag was incredible- well done girls!

Some girls all looking gorgeous (from left to right)
Melissa & Aimee, Emily & Camilla
Sammi & Shope 

Hope everyone is enjoying this insane weather..

12 thoughts on “Bloggers boutique

  1. looks lovely! love the outfit too!!I just started up a blog, so have a look if you'd like. I'm currently doing a little topshop voucher giveaway to get going :) x


  2. Wow! Your photos came out really nice, and YES WOO I AM PROUD TO SEE MY BACK GRACING YOUR BLOG! Haha, it was lovely meeting you! Must see you again soon, X


  3. Hey – We met briefly at the event yesterday (I think I directed you to the toilets! Haha)I hope you had a lovely time!


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