Coloured contacts

 The only thing I dislike about having a wide picture layout on my blog is the fact whenever I post a picture of my face, its HUGE and for that I’d like to apologize. I have really bad eyesight so wearing contacts is a usual thing for me, but definitely not funky green ones. I would like to think I look like a mermaid or something, but I think a lizard is more accurate. I’m cool with that though. For halloween these would look sick, and there are so many options on the Vision Direct website. I can’t really feel them nor are they difficult to put in, but I’m used to contacts. Try them out if you wanna spice up your makeup! You can see the difference below. 

32 thoughts on “Coloured contacts

  1. WOW! These ones are amazing! 🙂 And the eyelashes are just wow too! You're really pretty :)I love them, definitely mermaid coloured lenses! I just recieved the Temptress ones from the same company. I have my review over on my blog if you wanna see! XO


  2. It's amazing how changing your eye colour can dramatically change the way you look. Love these contacts, the green is just so vivid. Definitely perfect for Halloween! xoxo


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