Coat wishlist

The cold has officially kicked in like a slap in the face in London, but I guess I have to be some what grateful I don’t live somewhere insanely cold. In Verkhoyansk, Russia, their average winter temperature is -50 degrees and they can’t even get phone service because of the severe cold. Its even nicknamed ‘Stalin’s Death Ring’ and last year 400 wolves attacked the town… so I guess a 10 degree city with no wolves I can deal with.
I love so many coats this year, especially from Topshop, they do winter collections pretty much spot on, in contrast to their dodgy summer ones filled with hot pants. I’m also really liking tartan scarfs, but I feel there is a fine line between it looking nice and then it looking like you just visited a Scottish tourist shop.
(Oh, I also went to the countryside the other week with my pals. Look how nice England can be in grey skies.)

11 thoughts on “Coat wishlist

  1. Oh gosh thank you for posting the Topshop Wool Biker jacket – I've been looking for something just like it but don't have the patience to look through their website xoxo


  2. Definitely lusting over that herringbone coat. I always forget how pretty the English countryside can be, went on a road trip yesterday and was lovely looking at the fields going past with the slightly grey skies above xoxo


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