Ying yang necklace* & karma ring*; Delilah Dust, Gold bands; Asos, Other necklace; topshop, rest of the rings; vintage, Cardigan; vintage, Hoodie; Primark, top; Zara, Jeans*; GapThrowing on a pile of hoodies and cardigans over each other is my thing when the temperatures dip lower, which usually results in looking like a walking jumble sale, but [...]


 both images from fashiontoastI'm going to New York very soon, and my list of recommendations is already as long as my arm, but I would love to know some more. If anyone has any suggestions, stuff to eat/buy/see/do a comment would be super appreciated. Any links to blog posts about NY too, thank you in [...]

Lately.. photo diary

1. pretty (albeit dead) roses 2. don't even know what this is but I liked the colours 3. topshop necklace and jumper 4. MOST AMAZING SHOES EVER5. and I got them on sale6. sunset (!!)7. selling these topshop acton boots on ebay. bye bye 😦

Two looks

Had to throw the 90s style boots in the last set just for lols, looks like something Britney would of worn in this video... they are actually chung for madewell, unsurprisingly. details here and here. I want it all!

Coloured contacts

Phantasee Crazy Halloween Lenses in Green Mist The only thing I dislike about having a wide picture layout on my blog is the fact whenever I post a picture of my face, its HUGE and for that I'd like to apologize. I have really bad eyesight so wearing contacts is a usual thing for me, but definitely not funky [...]

Hugo boss

 Probs the most over talked thing ever in England but the weather in London right now is actually insane, its past 30 degrees but then last week I was in a coat.. strange. Finally can whack out my sunglasses by Hugo Boss*, sent from Tk Maxx, you can see the whole range here. Super cheap [...]

Cavaan film shoot

all images credited to cavaanOne of my new favourite blogs, cavaan. Love all of her photography, particularly these shots though, everyone should skoot over to her website and check it out. What are your guys favourite blogs? Leave links!

The dress

Damn my expensive taste. The bra alone is £140. Here is the link to see where everything is from. & Does anyone know where I can get a wishbone necklace like that/or the other one?Also some sad news.. saying a farewell to my Kate Moss Topshop dress. For sale here. Its sitting in a little neat corner [...]