Stripes and dungarees

t-shirt; vintage, velvet playsuit; topshop, belt; vintage, bag; chicnova*
After spending too much at Christmas and in the sales, I was meant to be on a ‘spending ban’ but them two words just don’t bode well with me. January and February are usually dedicated to saving for the summer, but I’ve already paid for my Zante trip so I want to take advantage of any money I can save and book some cheap getaways. I’m lucky in that I’ve visited quite a few places around the world but I’ve genuinely been practically nowhere in England apart from London and the South. Vouchers from Groupon are always handy so I’m keeping my eye out for deals. But anyway, this Topshop playsuit I just had to get regardless of the spending ban because it’s just one of those pieces I know I’ll wear to death. 

This bag from chicnova is a complete Alexander Wang rocco dupe, it doesn’t look cheap which was my main kind of concern. I’ve seen a couple of them rocking around eBay but I’m glad I went with this one, I’m a little bit closer to emulating the olsens now. Quite a casual outfit but I thought I’d take a couple of pictures because I believe my last proper outfit post was in SEPTEMBER. Crazy! Sorry bout that.

25 thoughts on “Stripes and dungarees

  1. Oh lordy, the stripes AND THE PLAYSUIT. Dear lord that playsuit is so sweet! I've always been a little put off wearing them because my figure is rather boyish up top and bigger at the bottom meaning I'm always scared I'll look a bit of an idiot. However, you've inspired me, got to get my hands on a number like yours! Plus, don't worry, I'm trying to put myself on a shopping ban too, sales have reduced me to a gibbering, manic spending wreck! x


  2. such a nice outfit *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. maybe follow each other ? im glad if you visit my blog, too ❤ keep in touch!


  3. I just ordered a Rocco dupe from Ebay, but this one looks great! Love your blog- it's lovely to see a fellow 16 year old going strong in the blogisphere! xo


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