Interior moodboard #2

My interior tag was looking shamefully naked so I thought I’d do another future home inspiration post thingy. Most of the pictures are from tumblr so there’s a lack of any credit I’m afraid. I have an obsession with wooden floors and white walls with rugs and lots and lots of flowers. My dad always buys my mother some so I think I’m just used to seeing them all the time, not sure how my student budget will deal with this once I move out. I don’t even have pinterest but I get slightly addicted to going through interior ones, so if you guys have any links to good ones lemme know! 

7 thoughts on “Interior moodboard #2

  1. Lovely pictures! I like going in Tumblr to check pictures like this and get a lot of inspiration. I like the idea of white walls and flowers, it's 'my kind of thing' too. Love it! x


  2. Hopefully my Nyc apartment will one day look like the above haha! Have a look at my pinterest, I have seperated my interior ones into different boards like boudoirs, living room etc. xx


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