iPhone cases

 from left to right: pansy iconemesis case*, caseapp case*, society 6 case
Say hello to my new favourite iphone case from caseapp. Like many websites these days they offer the chance to design your own case, which I personally prefer, as people seem to have exactly the same ones these days. I chose a semi-low quality picture I had seen on tumblr and uploaded it, then chose to have the edges transparent. I was very surprised at the quality of the print, it genuinely looks more high res than the actual picture. Above are my two other favourite cases, I’ve linked them both if you wanna check out their websites too- they’re all definite alternates to the usual eBay or amazon!

11 thoughts on “iPhone cases

  1. Gorgeous cases! Totally agree about everyone having the same cases at the moment. I'm looking for an individual case my for my new iPod and can't find one anywhere, going to bookmark these for when I eventually upgrade my phone!xxCharlottewww.coloursandcarousels.com


  2. Wow the one in the middle is so cute. I wish I had an iPhone sometimes, I don't mind my HTC but it's so damn hard finding cases for the bloody thing! xwww.blankbones.blogspot.co.uk


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