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Chilled Sunday

Sundays are reserved for eating everything in sight and (usually) tending to a hangover, and I like to dedicate a whole day to being all pampered and chilling in bed. This includes being surrounded by a bunch of candles because if I haven’t mentioned (who am I kidding) I have a thing for buying them.. Matalan contacted me recently and asked to try out their Click&Collect service so I picked up a blanket and silvery candle glass jar thing and had it sent to the store. Unlike other stores that offer that service (COUGH ZARA WHICH TOOK A WHOLE MONTH TO DELIVER A CANDLE TO THEIR STORE) Matalan took two days. Then I ran through the car park in the pouring rain after picking it up holding a massive box which got all soggy but thats my fault unfortunately  Now the blanket pretty much hasn’t left my side and the candle has a prime position on my dressing table.
On Sundays I also love to use my favourite products primarily Indian Healing Clay and Coconut Oil which are godsends. The Ren glycolactic radiance renewal mask also makes me all glowy and then the Elemis herbal lavender repair mask* is a perfect for cooling and making my skin all soft. I have also discovered a new love for Korres in the past month, the fig and guava scents are the most amazing smelling products ever, for real. Hope you guys also have a nice chill sunday, I would love to know what your favourite pampering products are?

9 thoughts on “New in: beauty and decor

  1. I absolutely love Korres – my best friend lives in Athens and always brings me a stash when she visits, but I've noticed a few places in London are now selling it – it's the best for dry legs! x


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