Night time

 (Playsuit; Topshop, Wedges; Topshop, lipstick; MAC Rebel)
A little ‘outfit of the night’ (prostitute much) post which is probably the first for my blog! It always gets too dark when I’m getting ready so I took some pictures in the morning like a loser. I wore this a couple of weeks ago on a night out, I like to keep it simple because at the end of the night I just can’t be bothered to fuss around taking off random layers and jewelry because I want to get into bed asap (AGAIN sounding like a prostitute). This is my new favourite lipstick too, I have worn it everyday since I got it, as a stain for school, even though it reminds me of when i was younger and would eat loads of blackberries and not look in the mirror for ages then see a wash of plum colour all over my face. Anyway. Have a great weekend y’all

24 thoughts on “Night time

  1. Whoa! I love it. However it looks like a LBD (little black dress) maybe that is why:P you can wear it for a party and I would try to also wear it in the street. However for now still no idea how:PI follow:D


  2. that lipstick is fucking amaazing, such a good colour. I need to own at least 1 MAC lipstick but the price always puts me off. I am just stingy though cause they do seem worth it.x


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