Spring vibes


Putting together items I can’t afford into a little polyvore sets is quite therapeutic actually. Not that I would be able to wear anything because winter is still continuing after about seven months of grey skies and minus temperatures. I was actually sitting in my room earlier in a t-shirt with my back to my window, and suddenly was covered in snow from a random blizzard- safe to say it wasn’t a very nice surprise. 
I really love the trousers in the bottom set though, they are slightly trippy/crazy but remind me of something you would see at the circus like Cirque Du Soleil. I don’t even know why, but can you not see someone doing back flips in them?! Maybe its just me. And the bra too, equally random, but I think having giant applique roses on my boobs would look pretty cool haha.
I’m actually selling some nice things on ebay at the moment (all buy it now) so if you would like to have a look, click here!

11 thoughts on “Spring vibes

  1. I feel like Rihanna would wear those number jeans and I don't really know how that makes me feel? I mean they're just a pair of pants they can't help that Rihanna would wear them…I think my problem is that I don't know how Rihanna makes me feel… Certainly an important thought provoking pair of pants we've got right here. I do not know what the purpose of this comment was good day.


  2. I actually love polyvore as well, i can spend hours on there trying to make a prefect set and getting distracted by all the pretty clothes. i love those number jeans! xhttp://frockled.blogspot.com.au/


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