My extremely riveting bag content

 Now the skies are more regularly blue and the weather *slightly* warmer, I have swapped my weekend bag for this H&M Suede Bag  that I posted about in this wishlist. One of my best friends saw and bought it for me on my 18th! Safe to say I was a very happy bunny. I first used it in last weekend in Covent Garden and the waitress at Carluccios was like ‘TELL ME WHERE ITS FROM’ so I think thats a sign for a good bag. You can also see the random crap I keep in my bag- mirror, purse, perfume, hand cream, keys, plasters, hair bands and my phone. Wasn’t that interesting?

19 thoughts on “My extremely riveting bag content

  1. Those flowers blossoming are so beautiful! It's making me miss spring/summer already. I live in Australia and I'm definitely not liking the rain here!Those shorts are so super cool. I pretty much grew up watching The Simpsons, it's such a classic. Kind of cool how Bart is basically a fashion icon now, haha. That top is gorgeous too. I love the mesh cutouts.


  2. Nice cherry blossom. Here where I am in Toronto in Canada we have a cherry blossom festival, it is pretty neat. I completely adore your Bart Simpson shorts that is something I would definitely wear in my wardrobe!


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