top row; Insight Magnolia One Piece Swimsuit, Wildfox Ocean Explorer Swimsuit, Resort Halter Playsuit,Resort Cut out detail swim dress
bottom row; Maaji Lacey Teacups Swimsuit, Bonprix Print Palm Swimsuit, Insight Persian One Piece Moulded Bandeau Swimsuit

Continuing on with the holiday themed posts.. 
Lord knows I’m not ready for bikini season, but the thought of a swimsuit is a lil more bearable. I’m used to seeing hoards of swimsuits that are black with random buckles and lack any originality but… I like fun swimwear man! 
My favourite is probably the swimsuit from Bonprix – just because its so affordable. I also love the darker colour scheme, its probably the kind of thing I’d wear at Coachella (because I WILL go one day!) but paired with cut offs. I may be slyly adding it to my basket some time soon.. along with a maxi dress I’ve spotted on Bonprix.. oops!

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