TFNC Midi Dress 
I wore this simple TFNC midi dress to my leavers Prom last month. I have loved these past two years at sixth form. Since I finished all my A-level exams on Thursday, I have officially left education! It’s such a bizarre feeling. I was looking at my old posts yesterday and I was saying how good my first day of sixth form was and how I love all the teachers/people, it make me so sad. I don’t want to leave! Anyone other 18 year olds feeling this way?

13 thoughts on “Prom

  1. You look great! My leaver's do is tonight and I'm soooo excited, weird to think that I'll probably (hopefully) never see some of these people again xx


  2. Wow this dress is stunning, LOVE the colour! Leaving school seems like such a lifetime ago – I was actually quite excited to leave 6th form though and explore the world :)


  3. I just had my last exam today! I think I'm ready to leave though, I feel free from revision and deadlines and now for the summer I can just relax(until results day :/)! Love the dress as well! Catherine 🙂


  4. Love the dress, so simple and elegant! Are you going to uni? Trust me give it a few months and you won't even remember your sixth form days! They feel like a lifetime ago now


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