Sales haul

 Recent purchases.
My blue blouse is from Zara and genuinely my favourite colour in the entire world. The necklace I paired it with is from the Topshop sale, I think I ended up getting it for £6.50 or something similar. You can actually undo the clasp and all the rings come off, two products in one I guess! The American Apparel crop top dupe is from Brandy Melville, I only went into the store for the first time last week weirdly. I was kind of underwhelmed by the whole ‘one size fits all’ because I’m not a size six/eight (what they seem to go by) so felt the entire store was only directed towards a small demographic. The crop top actually fitted perfectly so I was happy with that though. Last but certainly not least, my favourite purchase- the MinkPink floral dress. If you saw my instagram you know i went into Urban Outfitters to buy this full price (£85) , but it was actually on sale for £45! Then I casually ran to the till in a wee bit of excitement.

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