Zante 2013

Zante 2013
In the Uk going on holiday with your friends post a-level is kind of like a rite of passage. Luckily I’ve already experienced Denmark, France and Ibiza with my besties so I knew Zante would be a holiday I would love. Safe to say it was some of the best ten days of my life! Every song on the radio reminds me what fun I had and I may have *still* not washed my top from the paint party, to say the least post-holiday blues is hitting hard.

Zante, minus the strip, is genuinely beautiful. Boat trips and exploring during the day (well.. late afternoon. gotta sleep some time!) took my breath away on a few occasions. The famous ship wreck cove literally has sea that GLOWS.

None of the above are edited too. Basically- it was a dream.

8 thoughts on “Zante 2013

  1. I have to say the same as Cindy – the bathing suit in the last photo is so lovely. Your pictures make Zante look gorgeous. Holidays with friends are just the best (particularly post a-levels, I remember it well)


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