Floral & leather outfit

cropped biker jacket; oh my love, floral cami; topshop sale, two tone jeans; topshop sale, awesome sandals; primark, bag; gift (but from H&M), new fav sunglasses; ASOS *similar*

Firstly I would like to apologise for my chipped nail polish. I was wearing it for so long while travelling and I’m not sure why I didn’t take it off as I had to buy some remover after a incident where I may or may not have split half the bottle all over our balcony including the walls and a table. You’ll be pleased to know this (quite frankly gross) colour has been replaced now. *moves on from toenails*

I read some lame article on ‘how to make your blog better’ because I feel like everyone has gone turbo professional and I’m still on that bandwagon of diy HTML, iPhone outfit pics and not doing exciting things all the time. One of the tips was not to have obscure lyrics as the title of your posts (crap) so now I have the urge to retitle the majority of my posts. I think I’ll make an effort not to anymore but I can’t resist too much..

8 thoughts on “Floral & leather outfit

  1. Haha I really love your shoes, and I don't know one person who always has perfect nailpolish 😉 I love the son lyrics as title, I've done that for a while too 🙂 x


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