AW14 Moodboard

AW14 Moodboardaka a LOT of black clothing and leather. If you’re thinking ‘umm excuse me its still August’, well yes, you’d be correct but if I have to wear a jumper/jeans combo every time I go out with an umbrella permanently fixed to my hand then I’m allowed to make a winter clothing mood board. Majority of these images have just been selected from my tumblr so sorry about the lack of sources.
PS. I had to include Matty because I’m seeing him again next week and I’m so in love with the entire album and him

6 thoughts on “AW14 Moodboard

  1. It's ok … autumn is just around the corner and I think everyone is thinking the exact same thing! I really love lots of these images


  2. Haha I definitely think you are totally legitimised in posting AW14. My day has consisted of rain, homemade soup, blankets, and lots of tea – says it all really! Super excited for lots of layering. Although I've always believed I'm definitely a summer baby, my uniform is all boots and leather jackets and oversized t-shirt. So loving this mood board! x


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