University room snapshots

The majority of my uni halls room is pretty grim so I’ve just shared three pictures which make it look quite nice. I have two sets of fairy lights too so it gets pretty cute when its dark outside.
Some details.. 
1st pic) I got my cork board from Ikea and the pictures are a selection of disposables/polaroid pictures, which I ordered from the app Printic (use my code ‘CFBF16’ to get £4 off your own!). The New York poster is from the shop Utility in Liverpool, the hand is from Urban Outfitters and the E mug is a present from a friend from Anthropologie.

2nd pic) The world map is also from Utility.

3rd pic) I got the string of stars from Tiger I think, the blanket is from Matalan ages ago, the duvet covers are from Ikea and the cushion cover is one I got from an indian market in Malaysia.

9 thoughts on “University room snapshots

  1. I've read your blog for ages but completely missed the part where you said you went to uni in Liv! I graduated in 2013, so just give me a shout (twitter: @rebeccacohen) if you ever need a couple more ideas of where to go/complain about how rank Carnatic halls are. xx


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