24hrs in London

This summer I'm a Oxfam volunteer at Glastonbury so made a quick trip home to do a three hour training session in Westminster. I was a campsite steward at Reading last year and I am SO bloody excited to do it again this year but this time at GLASTO (!). here are some iPhone pics from [...]

&OtherStories haul

I've been in London for the past two days and after ordering some things online from Otherstories plus picking up something in store, a 'haul' post seemed appropriate. I love the the actual store, it physically represents the brands style/class really well. Hats off to the interior designer and merchandiser..Turtle neck jumper, Mediterranean body lotion [...]

Simpsons exhibition

Earlier in April I visited the 'No Homers club' exhibition at Constellations (in the Baltic triangle, Liverpool) and I thought I'd just share the photos because It was legit so cool. For someone who grew up watching The Simpsons every night, seeing how little bits of the show can inspire different mediums of art was [...]


I love seeing on Pinterest and Tumblr inventive uses of rocks/minerals/stones for the home. Sink? Coasters? Bath cube? Book ends? Framed? Maybe its the hippie in me thinking this stuff all looks really cool when in reality it wouldn't work logistically. Forget yesterdays election results, the important questions in life rn should be would the [...]