Simpsons exhibition

Earlier in April I visited the ‘No Homers club’ exhibition at Constellations (in the Baltic triangle, Liverpool) and I thought I’d just share the photos because It was legit so cool. For someone who grew up watching The Simpsons every night, seeing how little bits of the show can inspire different mediums of art was kinda awesome. 
(Coat/jeans; Topshop, Bag; vintage)
I can’t quite believe first year is nearly over.. and it’s even more strange to think that if I didn’t take a gap year I would be beginning my final year of university this September. I feel so at home in Liverpool too, it’s weird that after university I’ll probably only visit now and then. I also feel particularly lucky these days now that the sun is out and I go to new places all the time because so many people across the world will never get the opportunity to live away from home and get a university education. It’s definitely a privilege that I too quickly forget when I conveniently miss all my lectures and tutorials…

5 thoughts on “Simpsons exhibition

  1. Oh my god what an amazing exhibition. My love for The Simpsons, I swear. Everything's coming up Milhouse will forever crack me up.And ooooooft, I am loving that coat!


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