Audrey Hepburn exhibition

Audrey Hepburn Photography exhibition I was invited along to the Audrey Hepburn exhibition that is running at the National Portrait Gallery currently and loved it. Tickets are sold out for a while I believe but if you can go, go. It's quite small but curated perfectly. I bought the book ‘Portraits of an icon’ and it's so [...]

Parisian vibes wishlist

I've still never been to Paris mind, unless visiting the train station counts (probably not). I really wish I was travelling more this summer or at least had a trip that I was saving for. Waking up, checking instagram and seeing a 20-something girl lying in some kind of paradise, as she has done for [...]

Band of gypsies

 This heatwave calls for bra-free dresses and ugly shoes. I have no idea how cali girls look so cute and stylish all the time in their eternal summer? I'm tanned from Glastonbury too because Its hard not to fall asleep outside when its molten lava inside your tent and you've just worked the night shift. [...]