October outfit inspiration



It’s just occurred me that I hardly ever feature jeans on a polyvore set but wear a pair every single day in daily life. I’m not sure whether its a bit outdated now (remember when every blogger used polyvore? the golden days) but it’s one of those sites thats firmly been a source of inspiration for me for a good eight years. I like that the items I save are often a) vintage b) wildly out of stock/unavailable and c) designer. It means it’s devoid of the whole ‘MUST BUY THIS NOW’ because I just literally can’t. So, its just wholly for putting those combinations together and thus your profile slowly becomes a homage to your ‘wildest dreams’ personal style.
The weathers sort of warm sort of chilly here in London so I’m enjoying light knits and leather jackets before the heavy duty coats roll in. I’ve added a new SHOP page on my blog with all sorts of stuff I’m eyeing up (eyeing not buying– unemployed woes) that you can check out here or at the top of the page. And as proved above, I’m always mooching around on polyvore so I really recommend it in general if you’re a bit stuck on what you wanna be wearing this season, next season, whatever season really.

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