I love seeing on Pinterest and Tumblr inventive uses of rocks/minerals/stones for the home. Sink? Coasters? Bath cube? Book ends? Framed? Maybe its the hippie in me thinking this stuff all looks really cool when in reality it wouldn't work logistically. Forget yesterdays election results, the important questions in life rn should be would the [...]


This is a little different to what I normally post, but I recently got sent some all organic (yay) products from Garden Apothecary and honestly they smell so good and uhhh it feels really nice putting the products on your face. I got the the rose refresher, the aphrodisiac refresher and rose & salt bath [...]

Dip Dye DIY

(sources: tumblr)i love the whole dip dye thing, and i also love it on clothes. i'm not a big fan of all the hippy circle colours, but i love the pastel streaks on clothes. anyway, i recently cut up an old white t-shirt i found to make a crop top, bought a cable knit jumper [...]