In Bloom

In Bloom

While I was away in America recently, a heatwave in the UK made everything bloom. By the time I was back, the trees and plants were unreconizable from their winter dregs and suddenly in colours of soft pink and lush green. This is also known as Spring (duh). Hallelujah - at last some warmer weather. [...]

George William C Photography

GEORGE WILLIAM CMy brother has been travelling around the world for the past couple of years and documenting it all via his film camera. What I like so much within these sets from India and Uganda is the warmth and vibrancy of each culture captured without that sense of voyeurism, as if a western tourist [...]

Photo diary

1. 6am2. neom bath oil3. park life4. healthy/protein raspberry pancakes (obsessed)5. my new olympus camera !!6. beautiful summer bouquet from Blossoming GiftsThe Olympus epl7 is dubbed the 'blogger' camera because of the flip out screen and wifi connection. I'm really liking it so far but will be full testing it later this week in order [...]

Audrey Hepburn exhibition

Audrey Hepburn Photography exhibition I was invited along to the Audrey Hepburn exhibition that is running at the National Portrait Gallery currently and loved it. Tickets are sold out for a while I believe but if you can go, go. It's quite small but curated perfectly. I bought the book ‘Portraits of an icon’ and it's so [...]

Fresh flowers

I got some flowers from two friends for my birthday and loved having in my room, literally, until the point they were all mushy and starting to smell a bit like a old perfume. I got an email from Appleyard London who very kindly sent me their Herb Garden bouquet, a gorgeous harmony of lilac [...]

Summer disposables

I haven't blogged in a month- whats new. Honestly kudos to full time bloggers. I have 0 motivation to blog or share anything on the internet so I can't even imagine having to do it like seven times a week! Anyway, when summer rolls around I always have a disposable in my pocket and thought [...]

ysl ring

 (hand pictures are so awkward to take. I have about 10 out-cuts that either look like a corpse coming out of a grave or a hobbit hand clawing at something)Its time to rekindle the love for my YSL ring- for too many months now it has sat unloved on my dresser gathering dust and for [...]

Macbook skin

For my birthday I was luckily gifted a macbook by my parents. It was quite perfect timing actually, since then I've had a massie slog (is that a word?) of work that will continue until June 6th when my exams are finished. Boring stuff over, and to sum up my monotonous life right now, I [...]